Our founders Manali Adani and Reshma Krishnan are actively involved in impacting communities through sustainable initiatives. The Mumbai based friends decided to create The Green Dot company as a solution to those awkward situations arising out of their own experiences.

Manali Adani

Manali Adani is an interior designer by profession, and artist by passion. Manali has worked with high-profile clients back in her 20’s and continues to design homes. Further, she has taught art techniques and crafts to differently abled students back in her college days.

Her artistic feelings resurfaced during the pandemic when she taught many students’ monograms, painting and sketches techniques, online. She is also inclined towards spirituality, which encouraged her to become a reiki master. In a nutshell, her life is like a box of crayons–so many colors!

On facing a couple of uncomfortable and difficult situations relating to menstrual waste disposal, be it at home or outdoors, she realized that most women face the same issue. Further, on learning about the growing need for a safe disposal system, she decided to come up with a pocket-friendly product to ease this problem.

The Green Dot is Manali’s way of contributing to the society and being at the forefront of social causes. She is spearheading this business venture with her ardent entrepreneurial and marketing skills. Manali’s persistence is to overcome any obstacles for achieving goals.  

Reshma Krishnan

Reshma Krishnan is a co-founder of The Green Dot Company, the direct-to-consumer hygiene management company, empowering the community, for sanitary wellness. 

An alumnus of the prestigious JBIMS-B School, Reshma is instrumental in product development, brand management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Having a solid background in entrepreneurship and a flair for innovation, Reshma heads ‘JuniorCuts’, a niche kid’s salon in Mumbai. 

Her strong willpower, holistic decision making, a creative streak and social consciousness pioneered her to address the sanitary waste management condition in the country. Reshma is a proponent of zero plastic, use of environmentally friendly products and sensitivity to climate change. 

A strong supporter of social causes as well, Reshma and her team often give free haircuts to NGOs, orphanages and the likes. In her free time, Reshma is an avid driver and a road tripper, and thus has developed problem solving skills and resource optimization which have come in handy, in her journey of entrepreneurship.