It’s a lightweight, sealable, travel-friendly, and leak-proof pouch. One has to
open the pouch, insert used pads and seal it with a pre-attached adhesive tape.
Dispose only in a bin.

Old newspapers are upcycled and made into smart pouches.

Newspapers are bio-degradable. It is, however, important to dispose the
pouches in bin as it can reach recycling facility. As pads and other intimate
waste may take time to degrade, disposing off in a bin is recommended.

No. As soon as they’re sealed, the pouch does not emit odour.

There will be no blotting or spillage as newspapers are found to be safe for such

Yes, it is safe to dispose two pads. However, it depends upon the size of the
pad. Seal them properly and dispose it in a bin.

We strongly recommend to dispose the pouch in a wet waste bin so that it
reaches the recycling facility. Discarding pouches in open may leave it
unattended for a long period or animals could tear them apart.

In cities, the flushing of sanitary waste is causing significant blockages in pipes, drains, and the sewer system. Cleaning such blockages takes a lot of effort and is inhuman for the conservancy workers. They can be exposed to diseases and hence it is not recommended to flush.

We do not accept returns due to the nature of product and hygienic issues. You
can contact us and ask for a replacement instead. We only replace items if they
are defective or damaged. To complete your request, we will require proof that
the product is received in a damaged condition and also a receipt or proof of
purchase. You can send us an email to