Have you ever heard that nearly 121 million women and adolescent girls in India use on average eight sanitary napkins per menstrual cycle? Enter Green Dot Company, the brain-child of Manali and Reshma, who have come up with a product that makes used newspapers efficient tools to hygienically dispose of sanitary waste.

Our founders Manali and Reshma have not just put out a brand but an emotion. Upon realizing that the disposal of sanitary waste is often neglected, they spend time brainstorming ways to find a solution that would be accessible to all. The Coronavirus pandemic further highlighted the importance of practicing personal hygiene. This led them to make a pocket-friendly product that helps women to put away their menstrual wastes in the right place.

The product took shape when these two women began to think about what happens to sanitary waste after you dispose of it? The quest led them to discover shocking facts. The unwrapped disposal in dustbins often leads to sanitary napkins mixing with other waste. This diminishes the chances of such napkins getting recycled. In cities, the flushing of sanitary waste is causing significant blockages in pipes, drains, and the sewer system.

Further, the manual segregation of waste is putting our ragpickers at grave risk. These frontline workers are exposed to micro-organisms such as E.Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, and pathogens causing deadly infectious diseases such as Hepatitis-B and Tetanus.
Innovation led to the formation of not just a product but a solution. A solution to change and a solution to new beginnings. So, are you ready for the green shift?